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Ex.PO AUS, protagonista il sito di Alberobello

Alberobello per Ex.Po.Aus

Si è tenuta giovedì 3 marzo, presso la Sala Consigliare del Comune di Alberobello, la conferenza stampa conclusiva del progetto Ex.Po.Aus. L’incontro è stato un’occasione perché l’amministrazione comunale potesse spiegare tutte le azioni messe in campo per la valorizzazione del Sito Unesco dei Trulli di Alberobello all’interno del Programma di cooperazione …

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Castel del Monte (UNESCO/NHK)

When the Emperor Frederick II built this castle near Bari in the 13th century, he imbued it with symbolic significance, as reflected in the location, the mathematical and astronomical precision of the layout and the perfectly regular shape. A unique piece of medieval military architecture, Castel del Monte is a …

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Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín, Granada (UNESCO/NHK)

Rising above the modern lower town, the Alhambra and the Albaycín, situated on two adjacent hills, form the medieval part of Granada. To the east of the Alhambra fortress and residence are the magnificent gardens of the Generalife, the former rural residence of the emirs who ruled this part of …

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Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret’s Church (UNESCO/NHK)

Westminster Palace, rebuilt from the year 1840 on the site of important medieval remains, is a fine example of neo-Gothic architecture. The site — which also comprises the small medieval Church of Saint Margaret, built in Perpendicular Gothic style, and Westminster Abbey, where all the sovereigns since the 11th century …

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Cathedral, Torre Civica and Piazza Grande, Modena (UNESCO/NHK)

Torre Ghirlandina, simbolo di Modena

The magnificent 12th-century cathedral at Modena, the work of two great artists (Lanfranco and Wiligelmus), is a supreme example of early Romanesque art. With its piazza and soaring tower, it testifies to the faith of its builders and the power of the Canossa dynasty who commissioned it.

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Yakushima (UNESCO/NHK)

Located in the interior of Yaku Island, at the meeting-point of the palaearctic and oriental biotic regions, Yakushima exhibits a rich flora, with some 1,900 species and subspecies, including ancient specimens of the sugi (Japanese cedar). It also contains a remnant of a warm-temperate ancient forest that is unique in …

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